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Betsy and her husband Kris Aug 31, 2007

Another day of short show notes. Apologies to my people.

Today is Tell A Friend Friday. Pick one of your people and let'em know about the show. Next week I'll make this easier with some links to some of the favorite shows, but for now feel free to tell your friend about your favorite show.

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Short show notes:
Betsy mimics the intro word for word with her telepathy Why the hell are you the director Mr. B?
You are busting the chemistry
It's a good thing that we can still speak after 11 years of marriage
You wouldn't have ever done this show if it weren't for me
Baby, you take some improv classes and now you want to be in charge
I'm going to Boca to sit on my driveway and watch traffic
I'll tell you about direction
You have started telling the same jokes to new people
I have to stand there and act like they are brand new and funny
It's not tired I just have make sure it fits
Very timely . . . but if they listened to show #101 they would realize that I made that joke the first time around
Mr B! I would never steal your jokes
That is why I am directing . . . I watch you tell these jokes
I won't expect you to show up every time
So you stole the joke from Judy?
Comment time
Come over and see my new dog . . . it's a Lab
Uh, sorry to tell you your square faced dog is a pit bull
No, Betsy, it is pit bull and lab
The dog doesn't like men
What it mans to wear pineapple pants
CaptRespect (thanks for the write up) asks about cyclists
Rosa says Betsy should be on What Not to Wear - I agree
Her friends have already threatened to do it
Dan asks, why does he like this show so much? Kris's jokes . . . next question
Cyclists make us jealous because they get up so early and are fit
Easy way to tell a friend about the show . . . just do the intro to the show for your friend.

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