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Betsy and her husband Kris Oct 22, 2007

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Today's show is pretty long for us, an extra 10 minutes
Lots going on in our lives (see banner graphic for this post above)
Kris knows all of Betsy's passwords
Of course I never gave access to my accounts
Betsy feels ripped off this week
I happened across a subdivision sale
Sure I had been there twice already
I needed to stop after getting my Morrisey dinner theater money
Oh, baby. I am really asleep
How did you get tricked out of your money?
I ended up with two broken strollers
I'll never be had like that again
Three houses down it happened again
Auto sound effects just don't work in a car
A motorized baby stroller?
Yeah, that was great idea
Swing-a-meal, the baby eats while it is swinging
Just take a hot and hollow it out for straw
Meaty milk, mmmmmmmm, yummy
Here we go
Life is show prep
Last Monday and Wednesday there were no shows
Well, here's the reason
I am now a free agent
Yep, I am back to podcast consulting and production
But I am good to go if you got an open gig
For now, check out my Linkedin Profile

View Kris Smith's profile on LinkedIn

Resume soon
I thought we were beyond this resume stuff
I sent my resume to a professional resume writer
Betsy reads what they see as wrong with my resume
Key - don't throw the reader for a loop
Here comes a Kris analogy
Yes, Kris . . . living life with you is like riding a bike down a staircase
My glasses are eating my face

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