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Croncast - Betsy and her husband Kris Ep. 89

Today's show(s) is a special!

It is broken down into two parts. But first a shout out to Greg and Lisa from Viva Podcast for their comments about the show. We really appreciated it!! Hopefully the part where we mention you in the interview sticks.

In part one, or;

Act I: (to steal from Ira Glass)

We interview two guests, NBC5 reporter Charlie Wojciechowski and cameraman/lapel mic wizard Vince Munion. Like Betsy and I these two have worked together for years. Charlie and Vince's audio is a bit quite because they were sharing a mic.

We discuss the new NBC5 podcast(s) "Weekend Web Guys", Vince busts us out about Legos on the studio floor, their work together in the Quad Cities, Charlie also explains a really episodes thing NBC5 will be doing during Wimbledon to get their news casts out like . . . stream them, Vince's BTK connection, Charlie's father's prophetic words; "Charlie you are going to end up working someplace like Fargo, North Dakota", how they both ended up in Chicago, legalized big media and in the future Vince promised share his story about growing up in the town that brought the world purple ketchup

From left: Vince Munion, Charlie Wojciechowski and Kris with a "k".

From left(sorry couldn't help it): Betsy grinning in a way that frightens me.

Kris' pre-interview meal of frozen peas.

Act II:

The show no one was ever supposed to hear, the show we recorded during the taping of some b-roll. It is unedited so that you can get a sense of what it was like in the basement for this interview. You have probably heard a couple of these pieces before but they have renewed freshness.

The interview should air on NBC5 this Friday. What time? I have no idea I need to make some phone calls.

If anyone in the Chicago area can tape this for us I would really appreciate it because we are supposed to be out of town for Elliot's birthday.

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