Stat-o-rama where we're at 3 months into new site 2006-07-21 10:12:51

As many of you know I am a stats freak. So since we passed our 250th show I thought I would share some numbers. These numbers aren't for the entire 250+ shows but for the new site that went live on April 9th of this year.

Totals are since the site went live 3 months ago:

Shows: 38
Downloads: 49,461
Downloads from RSS: 40,162
Downloads from site: 9,299
Avg downloads per show: 1,301
Unique listeners who have downloaded: 3,998
RSS hits: 254,826
Unique RSS hits (includes bots and spiders): 5,160
Unique RSS daily avg. hits (all feeds): 562
% of people using old RSS feeds (prior to new site launch): 79.1%
% of people using new RSS feeds (post new site launch): 20.9%
% people using iTunes to subscribe: 49.7%
% of people using Juice to subscribe: 9.9%

How did you get this information? From Castlock.

What is Castlock? It is the podcast platform that runs this site.

Where can I get it? Right now it is mine and only mine.

What does it do? Manages this entire site, podcasts, RSS feeds, delivers mucho stats, allows for HTTP Authentication of feeds and is integrated with payment gateway for paid for subscription RSS feeds.

That's it. Those are the stats that I check everyday on the download and RSS side of the house.

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