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Betsy and her husband Kris August 16, 2006

1) Fill out the appropriate form for you - *New* Listener or Get a Handle (current listener)
2) Verify your email address (Activates and qualifies those with a "Handle")
3) *New* listeners get activated and qualified by using their special RSS feed
4) 300th new listener and the person whose Handle they use win iPods AND
5) A drawing for 2 more iPods from everyone who entered!

As you can see by the graphic and the stuff on the site we are starting the 300 by 300th listener drive and contest today. I am in a huge hurry so I can't say more now.

Listen to that sweet new voice "Welcome to Palegroove Studios"
The long intro with email addresses in it
Kris welcomes the new people and talks more about the 300 by 300th
Betsy says that she wants "thesmithmall" as a Handle
Sometimes she goes to sites and it is taken
As of this morning 9 people
Betsy says that the Easter bunny gives out iPods
Betsy wants to change the dog's name to Mack
He needs propecia on his belly
They are confusing his gender by calling him "she"
He can't walk on stairs
Slowsky now has a mascot, Zeus
The seats are a Golden Retriever width apart
He touches the seats and it makes Betsy feel good
Betsy says the dog doesn't pee in the house . . . lie!
He pees on me
Not in fear pee but I am soooo happy pee
Let me pee on your shoes
Betsy gets attacked by Zeus
Chubby then thin chubby then thin pregnant and chubby chubby and thin
Betsy has a rip in her skin
Betsy took the dog to the vet today
My anniversary gift was a clean garage . . . all set on the side of the house and bee infested
Betsy sacrificed to the Gods for The Great American Garage Sale
It was time to clean the garage
Betsy was finally sick of it after 2 years
So Betsy says it is the hookup
Goodwill is getting picky about what it is taking
We're not gonna take that crap even if it was bought here
No hassles about the quality
Betsy charges the gate and then just drives in
"No Entrance" sign doesn't mean anything to Betsy
"Are you really gonna turn away more stuff"
This is going to be me in 40 years
These are Betsy's people
Betsy says they were like carnies and I reminded her that I told her that already
Over the big stuff on eBay and the great american garage sale messes that up
Betsy's mom told her that last year that "a pack of gypsies were working the purses last year"
Sleeping in the parking lot
Getting clocked with a Gucci by a gypsy
In their own gyspsy conversion van with Fendi's flying out the back
Kris has a revelation
Glistening from his rearview mirror
Kris realizes that he knows nothing, really
Who am I to kid?
Vets are not doctors
The best vet waiting room story ensues

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