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Listener Bob sent us this gem yesterday about Illinois Senate Bill 2878.

Turns out that two months ago the state of Illinois passed a law regarding license suspension for failure to get an emission test for your car (LIKE ONE YOU NO LONGER OWN!!!!!!!) to simply a vehicle registration suspension that became law immediatley upon the signature of the Governor.

I think someone needs to inform the Illinois EPS, Secretary of States Office (DMV here) and Law Enforcement Officers in the state about this because I was hauled in 3 days ago.

Anyway, I am going to post the Bill release that was on the State site here incase someone might be searching for it. Thanks again Listener Bob!!

Gov. Blagojevich also signed Senate Bill 2878 into law, which provides that the Secretary of State (SOS) may not renew the vehicle registration of any vehicle owner who fails to comply with vehicle emissions testing requirements.

Senate Bill 2878 was sponsored by Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) and Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-Chicago). It eliminates the driveré─˘s license suspension enforcement mechanism in the current program and replaces it with a vehicle registration denial system. This would preclude a driver being arrested for a suspended driveré─˘s license.

é─˙This change in public policy will ensure that residents are not inadvertently arrested for not getting their emissions checked while increasing the protection of the environment. This bill provides a penalty for the car and not the driver which makes good public policy for Illinois,é─¨ said Rep. Tryon.

"Illinois is the only state in the country that goes to the drastic measure of suspending a driver's license for not having a vehicle tested. When you're driving on the road, and for whatever reason a trooper pulls you over, the last thing you need is to have your driver's license show-up as suspended," Sen. Sandoval said. "That could put an end to your vacation in a real hurry. We need to balance the requirement of compliance with common sense. That's exactly what my bill addresses."

The Illinois vehicle emissions test checks whether a vehicleé─˘s emission control system is working properly. Vehicles that are not properly maintained or that have malfunctioning emission control systems often exceed these standards.

SB2878 requires vehicles that fail the emissions test be repaired prior to being registered with the Secretary of State.

Senate Bill 2878 is effective immediately.

Secretary of State Illinois suspended license arrest emissions

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