I have never loved a machine this much http://www.croncast.com/resized-images/none.jpg   Released: 2006-12-12 08:33:49 http://www.croncast.com/article/578/I-have-never-loved-a-machine-this-much/

This following is a nerd's public display of affection: I don't think that I have ever been so fond of a machine in my life as now. The laptop that I am on right now, my compadre, my close it like a clam shell and baby goes to sleep Sony VGN-AR230G is the other woman.

I was a bit ambivalent about whether to keep it or throw it back once Betsy stopped using it after an hour of trying to write a blog post. The keyboard is shifted just enough to make it a little difficult to type . . . at first.

But this little idiosyncrasy is just that. And for me it has become and endearing feature that I now associate with this computer. It is sort of like if you have one eye lid that curves just a bit too much, without it you couldn't look like wicked pirate. And who can't love a wicked pirate?

Sony VGN-AR230G VGN-AR230G Sony laptop Croncast Kris Smith

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